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International School of Breakthrough's purpose is to administer the wisdom and power of the breakthrough anointing to people afflicted by stubborn bondages. 

About International School of Breakthrough

In the scriptures, Satan is called the prince of darkness. Therefore, true breakthrough from his devices only occurs when there is sufficient light and power. The word breakthrough can be defined as a sudden burst of revelation and power that breaks you through Satan’s line of limitation defense. Breakthroughs are necessary where Satan has strongholds and the Lord has anointed His prophet with a prophetic mandate to bring breakthrough to those who are in bondage to any of Satan’s multiple devices in the areas of:

  • Spirituality

  • Mind

  • Emotions

  • Body

  • Romance

  • Finances

  • Relationships

At this school, in each session, revelation will be administered on how to obtain a breakthrough from a specific type of bondage and then administering of the power of God to each individual with personal attention to be freed from it. Prophet Dr. Andre Thomas will be ministering by the power of God and by the prophetic grace and prophecy.


Each Breakthrough session will come with a customized curriculum of the Holy Spirit for the freedom of people who are attending.

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